Rugby 4 Good



Rugby for Good (Rugby 4 Good) is a movement to create a better world through rugby:

  • Inspirational stories
  • Inspirational people
  • Going Forward
  • Tackling Challenges
  • Creating a better world of opportunities
  • For young people
  • Through Rugby
  • Join us!

Rugby for Good (Rugby 4 Good / R4G) represents an innovative field of social enterprise consisting of services, resources, methodologies, projects and people committed to effecting positive social change. Rugby is on the rise and its inclusion in the Olympics marks the next phase in the game’s international appeal. ‘R4G Education’ services are designed to create synergy, energy and and a better world of opportunities for young people through rugby. These services support non-profits, NGOs, educators, clubs and coaches. ‘R4G Performance’ services take R4G’s social enterprise learnings and apply them to the corporate world – creating and supporting high performing teams. R4G Performance is a one of a kind consulting package that uniquely combines office-based consulting solutions with learnings from the field and practical engagement in the community. Teams take their practical experience back to the office, creating culture of achievement which can be measured by improved performance metrics.

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