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I intend to blog weekly on some of the topics outlined below. If you have any suggestions of related things you would like to see, please complete the feedback form.

1) Rugby4Good: Creating a Better World through Rugby

As the blog’s meta-theme, these posts will touch upon the theory, practice and effective implementation of sports-based-youth-development programming. I will explore the fundamental components such as program design, to the more detailed integration of values, behavior change and measuring impact.

2) Global Rugby Collaborative:

Sharing some of the insights and highlights from this member-based network of Rugby4Good agencies from all around the world. Who they are, what they are doing, how they are learning and sharing to create a better world through rugby.

3) Relevant Event Outcomes:

I attend a decent amount of events every year which include Sport for Change conferences, Social Enterprise forums, Rugby internationals / festivals / conferences, and perhaps even some more practical things like physical challenges (and no I’m not promising to run a marathon)!

4) Social Entrepreneurship:

General insights from the field of practitioners, researchers, funders around business models, sustainability, scale, partnership development, etc.

5) Guest Bloggers:

Each month, I will invite someone from my network of friends, colleagues and partners to share their thoughts on a relevant topic under the above headings. I have a ‘hit-list’ of people, I’ll be reaching out to very soon. If you think you have something valuable to contribute, please let me know.

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